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Our Skin Brite Peel combats deep, resistant pigmentation caused by hormones, sun damage, and long-standing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation such as dark spots caused by acne scarring. Unlike many pigmentation treatments it can used on all skin types with excellent results for darker skin tones.

Its unique combination of ingredients and tyronaise inhibitors, when combined with our recommended home care routine, can effectively treat pigmentation and prevent its return. An activation of the melanin hormone, through UV rays or hormonal changes, chemically activates the melanocyte cell found in the skin. It is this chemical reaction that causes pigmentation. A tyronaise inhibitor is an oxidase that significantly limits the enzyme responsible for melanin production consequently preventing further pigmentation.

The SkinBrite Peel pulls pigmentation found in every skin layer to the surface, this includes pigmentation in the dermis that you were not even aware of. This does mean that directly after your treatment your pigmentation may appear worse, but long-term you will get the best results as there will be no underlying pigmentation waiting to relieve itself.

Skin Bright Peel

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Skin Brite Peel - The Process

A medical aesthetician will meet with you to understand your concerns and skincare goals. They will carry out an assessment of your skin and take a set of baseline photographs. This can be referred back to throughout your treatment plan to assess the effectiveness of the treatment, and monitor the skin’s improvement.

A personalised skincare plan will be recommended based on your skin type and problem areas.

Your practitioner will start by cleansing your skin twice. The first cleanse will remove any dirt or make-up sitting on the skin, the second is a peptide rich cleanser designed to firm and tighten the skin. Next two preparation solutions are applied. The first solution is a primer, the second prep solution is the SkinBrite Pigmentation Solution which readies the skin for the peel.  A balm is then applied to protect the skin post treatment. The SkinBrite Pigmentation Peel is then applied and will remain on the skin for 5 minutes. The peel will be applied up to three times depending on comfort level and necessity. Retinol is then applied to the skin. Finally our SheerZinc SPF30 is applied to protect the skin from the elements for the rest of the day.

The process may vary slightly between client’s depending on individual needs for optimum results.

Directly after your peel you may experience some redness, this will fade within 24 hours. No water can be applied to the skin for up to 6 hours post peel as this will stop the process. We strongly recommend that make-up is not applied for 24 hours, unless it is mineral based.

As you know the skin is a very complex organ and will respond in different ways with different people, it really depends on the client’s background regarding medication, skincare products, Fitzpatrick etc.

When the skin is introduced to active ingredients for the first time it can on some occasions become over stimulated to quickly causing the skin to respond by creating a dermal clear out, slight tenderness, an erythema, slight flacking due to the cell renew process becoming faster, these are not bad reactions, they are normal skin reactions a client with an unbalanced, dehydrated skin may experience.

  • Your pigmentation may appear darker, this is the melanin being pulled to the surface and will peel off.
  • Your skin may experience heavy peeling three to six days after your treatment. 
  • Please do not exfoliate until 7 days after your treatment as your skin will be sensitive.
  • You will need to use complementary products between treatments to ensure the skin remains prepped.

Between courses it is advised that you Retinol Youth Serum. This will maintain the results from your treatment by continuously speeding up cell renewal and prepares the skin for your next course.

Your practitioner will advise you of your complete aftercare programme.

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