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Dark spots? Trust the leading depigmentation solution.

cosmelan® is the Global leading depigmentation solution and is safe for all skin tones and ethnicities. If you are looking for a fresher, more even complexion then this is the treatment for you. This is no ordinary peel, it is a very involved process and does require strict aftercare to achieve and maintain your results. We start with a full skin consultation where we fully explain the cosmelan Chemical Peel process and the requirements for follow up care. If you are considering this treatment you should also be in overall good health.

During your skin consultation, our expert practitioner will clear your skin and do a few checks. With this information, they can provide you with personal treatment and product prescription that looks to get the best results for you and your concerns.


What is cosmelan®?

The cosmelan® depigmentation peel is a moderate chemical treatment designed to decrease areas of hyper-pigmentation, reducing the pigmentation that occurs due to sun exposure, acne, ageing, and hormone fluctuation. cosmelan® works by inhibiting an enzyme called Tyrosinase, responsible for the manufacture of melanin. By slowing the melanin production, dark areas of pigmentation will soon fade.

Professional depigmentation method that removes:

  • Skin spots
  • Melasma
  • Hyper-Pigmentation
  • PIH (Post Inflammatory Pigmentation)
  • Freckles and other forms of sun damage.
  • Hormonal pigmentation
  • Uneven complexion

cosmelan® Treatment Process & Price

  • £1150 for a 3-month treatment
  • £2150 for a 12-month treatment
  • The cosmelan® Depigmentation Peel is a two-step process. The first part involves an in-clinic application of a powerful, stimulating mask:
  • Skin is cleaned and prepped.
  • cosmelan® mask is applied.
  • Depending on the level of correction needed, the mask must stay on between six and twelve hours.
  • The mask resembles ‘smooth peanut butter’ so ensure you have no other social plans for the day!

You will be advised on your timings, and when and how to remove the mask at home.

An after-care kit will be provided with full instructions

The second part is the continued application of specific cosmelan® products from home. Again full instructions and advice regarding your aftercare is provided. We see you again 48 hours following your mask application to review your skin, we then take you through your next month of aftercare which does require application of your products three times per day.

One month later we review your skin, by this time much of the visible pigmentation will have faded, we then advise your next two months aftercare which is using your products just twice a day.

At the end of month three, we review your results again, you will be used to your fabulous new skin tone by this time so it is crucial to continue with your at home care and again we take you through your next four to twelve months which is using your cosmelan® creams just once a day.

Throughout your whole treatment you must commit to a daily application of a very high SPF, this must be used throughout the year and is advised as part of your skin care regime moving forward to maintain results.

cosmelan® Treatment FAQ's

Two to three days after the treatment is applied, the skin will begin to flake and peel. For these first few days, the face may feel tight, itch, and be slightly red and swollen.It is possible to continue to peel for a few weeks post treatment but this is rare.
After about one week, you will see the skin beginning to look brighter and more even in tone and by four weeks you would expect to see a significant improvement in your skin tone.
cosmelan® can be used at any time of the year, though it is advisable to do it at times when sun exposure is not so intense or prolonged, such as the winter and autumn.

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