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This treatment is widely recognised as an effective solution for mild to moderate Inflammatory Acne.

  • It has been shown that the major bacterial cause of Acne, Propionibacterium Acnes can be destroyed by the application of light.
  • The Intense Pulse Light treatments greatly reduce the number of active lesions, lessening the inflammation and frequency of breakouts.
  • The IPL works within the skin causing no damage, irritation or downtime.
IPL Acne Treatment
How Laserlife IPL Acne Treatment works
  • The IPL light is absorbed by the hemoglobin which heats up the area producing a minor reaction to the sebaceous glands. This will slow down the production of oil that leads to Acne and enlarged pore size.
  • Our system penetrates deeply into the skin, heating the overactive sebaceous glands and reducing sebum output. It is thought that reversible thermal damage to sebaceous glands can result in long term remission from acne.
  • The IPL Treatment will also produce new collagen which means there will be fewer scars, fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced
  • We only use Yellow light. Recent studies indicate that Yellow light, which has a greater skin penetration depth than blue light is more effective at targeting the bacteria that causes Acne.
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IPL Acne Treatment – The Process

Prior to treatment you must first undergo a consultation where the details about you medical history are obtained in order to confirm suitability. Before proceeding you will be asked to sign a consent form and undergo a patch test 24 hours before treatment.

With IPL a layer of chilled gel is applied to the treatment area. The light applicator is placed on the skin and a short pulsed light is released. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated. The chilled gel is removed and aloe Vera and an SPF is applied. During the treatment protective eye wear will be provided. Most clients describe the discomfort as mild and tolerable and no anaesthetic is required.

The treated area may feel warm and sensitive for the first few days post treatment.

  • No sun exposure for up to 30 days prior to treatment.
  • No fake tan or gradual tan for 10 days prior to treatment
  • No use of topical retinol products to be used in the treated area 3 days prior to treatment.
  • We recommend 6 sessions 2 weeks apart for best results.
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