3D Lipo Body Sculpting is the latest technology to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time.

This technology works by delivering focused energy at a depth of 8mm to destroy fat cells.

The high frequency of the ultrasound waves results in heating under the skin, effectively destroying the fat cells and tightening the skin.

Fat Removal Treatments at Laser Life Clinic London - West London's best-kept beauty secret.

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3D Lipo Body Sculpting

Who does the treatment?

Free Initial Consultation

A full 3D Lipo Body Sculpting treatment incorporates several individual procedures, including cavitation (which uses ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells), cryolipolysis (which freezes fat cells without affecting other body cells), radio frequency (which serves to tighten the skin) and Shockwave (to stimulate fat breakdown and reduce cellulite).

Depending on your goals, your therapist will discuss with you whether a one off treatment is required or a course of our combined technologies over 6, 8 or 12 weeks.

3D Lipo Body Sculpting – FAQs

What differentiates 3D Lipo Body Sculpting from other treatments?

3d Lipo Body Sculpting is a bespoke treatment, specific to your individual needs. Unlike other single-level Lipo treatments, 3D-Lipo uses a combination of treatments which focus on cellulite reduction, fat reduction and skin tightening.

Often with other weight loss methods, you may be left with loose skin and cellulite, but 3D-Lipo eliminates those problems.

What will happen during the consultation?

At your consultation, we will carry out an assessment to identify your problem areas and prescribe a unique treatment plan based on your personal needs.

When I will be able to see results?

Results can be seen from the first session. For best results, a course of treatments is recommended.

How long does 3D Lipo last?

Results can be permanent as long you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Is there any down time?

Absolutely NO down time: you can resume your daily routine after treatments.

Do I need an anaesthetic?

No – 3D Lipo Body Sculpting is virtually painless. No anaesthetic is needed.

Which 3D Lipo Machine do you use?

At Laser Life Clinic, we are using the more advanced 3D-Lipo machine: 3D-Ultimate.

3D Lipo Body Sculpting at Laser Life Clinic - West London’s best-kept beauty secret.

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