Resurfacers are sometimes referred to as ‘mild peels’. They are exfoliating treatments that work on the very top layer of the skin and use enzymes and acids to refine and exfoliate.

Resurfacers generally have little-to-no downtime following treatment. By comparison, Chemical Peels will also exfoliate and address a wide variety of concerns, yet they have the ability to penetrate the mid to lower levers of the epidermis, delivering stronger, extended results.

There are many benefits of having a skin resurfacer or skin peel, particularly if your treatments are regular. Our peels are often combined with other treatments and we customise each peel to target your specific skin concerns. We will discuss your skin care needs and concerns during your FREE skin consultation.

Facial Resurfacers at Laserlife Clinic - West London’s best-kept beauty secret.

Laserlife Facial Resurfacers

Power Pumpkin Peel

Power Pumpkin Peel

This gentle exfoliating skin peel can refine fine lines and wrinkles for an overall more youthful appearance.

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Sweet Chill Facial at Laser Life Clinic - West London’s best-kept beauty secret.

Sweet Chill Facial

The Sweet Chill facial works to renew skin cells using ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Green Leaf Tea Extract and Papayus Plant Stem Cells.

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Lactic Acid Peel at Laser Life Clinic London - West London's best-kept beauty secret.

Lactic Acid Peel

Finally!…The perfect solution for those with sensitive skin, which is craving some intense hydration!

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