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I’ll be honest: I really, really didn’t want the vampire facial to work. I can’t afford to spend hundreds of pounds on my skin every few months, and I worried that if the PRP facial turned out to be a miracle treatment, I’d quickly spiral into debt and skip paying rent. But I’m afraid to say it does work. It’s honestly mindblowing. In the weeks after the treatment, my skin was noticeably plumper. The lines around my mouth pretty much vanished and my cheeks looked lifted. I’m 25, so I’m not quite ready for full-on anti-ageing care, but if one session of getting blood injected into my face can make such a noticeable difference on both deep and fine lines, I imagine that it’d do incredible things for anyone with ageing skin.

I noticed a reduction in my acne scars and saw fewer breakouts and blackheads over the coming months. When I did get a spot, it healed more quickly than usual. And I glowed. I don’t think I’ve ever glowed before. My skin looked so luminous I actually felt pretty without a scrap of makeup – which is a huge deal for me. I’ve always been self-conscious of my red, blotchy, acne-prone skin. Actually looking at my bare face and liking it was life-changing



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