“I have very dry, sensitive skin during the winter and springtime. I went to Dr Dianni and she helped to rehydrate my skin. The Profhilo works exactly as she said it would, and my skin bothers me less as days go by. I will definitely go for Profhilo again!”

A Chan

Dr Dianni helped to rehydrate my skin!

“Honestly one of the best clinics I’ve ever visited for dermal fillers. Dr Dianni did my non-surgical rhinoplasty and I’m SO happy with the results. The bump in my nose has completely disappeared!”

Cherokee Brierly

The bump in my nose has completely disappeared!

“It was such an amazing experience. I recieved the most professional advice from Dr Dianni, and thanks to her I have more confidence. Highly recommended.”

Ruiyu Bao

An amazing experience!

“I visited Dr Dianni for lip fillers and I’m really pleased with the results. My lips look so natural and the increased size suits my face. She is a lip filler artist!”

Sharifa Medo

Dr Dianni is a lip filler artist!

I went to Dr Dianni for dermal fillers, not really knowing what I needed as it was my first time. I wanted a more refreshed look so Dr Dianni recommended mid-face augmentation. I ended up having tear trough fillers and cheek fillers and I was the difference immediately! The results were amazing and my face looks plumped – I’m very pleased.”

Jackie He

The results were amazing and my face looks plumped

“Dr Dianni is very professional and she listens carefully to your requests. I also love the nice and warm environment of the clinic. Highly recommended to anyone who’s considering skin-care on a regular basis.”

Er Xu

Dr Dianni is very professional

Dr Dianni is honestly amazing. It was my first time having my lips done and I wasn’t sure how lip fillers worked. She took time explaining everything and was so patient. I chose a 1ml lip filler and now my lips look amazing, yet so natural! Dr Dianni is an adorable person too – highly recommended!”

Emma Xiao

My lips now look amazing, and so natural!

“My skin looked so luminous I actually felt pretty without a scrap of makeup, which is a huge deal for me. I’ve always been self-conscious of my red, blotchy, acne-prone skin. Looking at my bare face and liking it was life-changing.”

Sophia Houde

Looking at my bare face and liking it was life-changing

“The vampire facelift really is worth the faff. Yes, it’s pricey, but the results are far more impressive than a facial that would cost only a little less. The results blew my mind. My skin looked completely different, and I can only imaging the benefits this treatment could have on ageing skin, stretch-marks or deeper scars.”

Paola Riaz

The results blew my mind

“I noticed a reduction in my acne scars and saw fewer breakouts and blackheads over the following months. When I did get a spot it healed more quickly than usual. And I glowed. I don’t think I’ve ever glowed before.”

Lavin Merry

I don’t think I’ve ever glowed before

Very lovely place. Very clean. Amazing astheticians, friendly, clear in explanation of the prices, caring, polite. I’m undergoing treatments for acne from which I’ve been suffering for years. I have combination of laser and peels. Honestly, I’m so happy, my closest friends already gave me a few nice comments. I can defo see my improved skin condition! I will definitely continue with another treatment cos this clinic has many many to choose from!

Elly, via Google

I’m so happy. My friends already gave me nice comments

I was given a gift card from my Daughter for Laserlife as a Mother’s Day present. When I went in I had a free consultation for LipoFreeze and was given a tailor made treatment plan best suited to my body and concerns. They also kept me informed about the treatment and make their own recommendations.

The experience was so amazing that I decided to purchase a Derma Roller to combat ageing skin and have so far seen amazing results.

I have now also purchased gift cards for other family members to enjoy as well. I highly recommend this Clinic and will be returning.

Megan, via Google

A tailor made treatment plan best suited to my body and concerns

After trying out three laser clinics in London I was apprehensive to try another, but Laserlife Clinic was worth the wait. They helped me lose the fat I was struggling to get rid of while I was losing weight. They didn’t just try and sell me treatments, they talked through the treatments that are suitable for me. They made me a personalised plan which I’m sure is why I started seeing results from day one! The therapists are lovely and reassured me about my concerns. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Ryan, via Google

They helped me lose the fat I was struggling to get rid of

Very lovely place, very clean and the staff are very welcoming and friendly.

I’m currently undergoing treatment for acne which I have been suffering for years. I have tried so many different treatments at different clinics and nothing worked until I come to this clinic

After my consultation I was recommended to try a combination of laser and skin peels treatments. I can see a vast improvement in my skin condition my acne scars are fading and my skin looks great now I can’t thank the staff there enough.

Aiste, via Google

I can see a vast improvement in my skin condition

I came to the clinic and had a fantastic experience. I was treated respectfully, and I felt very comfortable when I was there. I was seen by Doctor Mansi for my dermal fillers, and I will definitely be returning to her for my top ups. I was really worried about getting dermal fillers for the first time because of all the horror stories, but the Dr Mansi kept me relaxed, and I love the results! She is an artist with a needle.

I’ve used other treatments from this clinic, and I’ve really enjoyed the vibe while there. The therapists I’ve had my treatments with are friendly and fun, and I always left the clinic in an amazing mood!

I will be returning for other treatments in the future, and I highly recommend Laserlife Clinic to others.

Shivani, via Google

Dr Mansi is an artist with a needle

Experienced therapists that know how to personalise their treatments! I was made to feel welcome with complimentary drinks and I started seeing results from laser hair removal after the first treatment. They have deals on all their treatments and so I’ve booked in for more! The therapists are accommodating to my last minute schedule and always make sure I’m happy with my treatment and plan. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Sweetie, via Google

I started seeing results after the first treatment

Laser Life Clinic was my last hope to fight the horrible acne that I have suffered with for 10 years. No doctor helped the way Lizzie did. She shows interest in you, while being friendly and professional. She is well trained and has passion for what she does. I am half way through my treatment and I can already see amazing results! With their amazing deals, I went for other treatments (laser hair removal) and will definitely be coming back!

Aga, via Google

No doctor helped the way Lizzie did

I had a pigmentation skin problem that made so uncomfortable, depressed and made me lack confidence. After visiting Laserlife for a couple of pigmentation treatments by the amazing, well mannered Lizzie, my pigmentation was no more. I will recommend this great clinic to anyone suffering from hyperpigmentation because their treatments work very well.

Flexi, via Google

After a couple treatments my pigmentation was no more

I have been having laser hair removal at Laserlife and am really pleased with the results. Recently I’ve started the Fractional Resurface treatment and am thankful to Lizzie for making me feel at ease throughout the treatment, and for recommending a skin care plan to suit my needs.

Kate, via Google

Really pleased with the results

Great clinic. I’ve had laser hair removal here and Dermal Filler treatment. Can’t recommend enough. I’ll be booking in for 3D Lipo at some point also 🙂

Cassie, via Google

Can’t recommend enough.

I am not a person who usually gives 5 star review, but, they deserve 5 stars for the service they provide. Especially after visiting at least 3 different skin clinics in London. This is the best one!! and now, I will only use this clinic.

My skin concern has been carefully dealt with, especially by Lizzie. I can’t thank her enough for taking care of my skin problems. Thank you to all the team of Laserlife clinic!

Nomo, via Google

They deserve 5 stars for the service they provide