Dr Richa

Aesthetic Medical Doctor

Dr Richa has had a passion for the aesthetics industry since she was 15 years old.

Realising that the industry was predominantly driven by men to capitalise on women’s insecurity, she believes that a person’s face is their own, and works with her clients to accentuate their existing beautiful features.

Rather than applying a universal feature – such as a particular shaped lip or chin – she works with the overall structure of the face to provide the most natural results. The magic ingredient that cannot be fabricated is the glow on a person’s face that comes from their own confidence. Her goal is that everyone who leaves the clinic will have that glow, and she’s here to provide a service – not to hard sell products or another celebrity’s look.

Dr Richa works with a high level of discretion, and does not publish her portfolio online, but you can see her work when you book a pressure-free consultation.

She strives to ensure that all her clients feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on the challenges that come with life, knowing they are the absolute best version of themselves.

Dr Richa

“I’m not here to create a new face, but to celebrate the existing face – to provide honest advice and a service that has warranted years of loyalty from my clients.”

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