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3D Ultimate Facial

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Lasers are often described as the ‘magical wand’ in the beauty and aesthetic industry and for a good reason.

Many laser treatments produce very impressive results for a number of conditions. However, your results depend on the skills of the person performing the treatment.

At Laserlife clinic you can be completely assured that our staff have the medical expertise and experience in producing the best possible results for your chosen laser treatment.

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Laser Treatments | Free Consultation

Our laser treatments require each patient to attend a consultation before commencing treatment. A consultation is essential as it allows our clinicians to understand:

Goals for treatment
Medical history
Any complications that may occur
Provide you with a patch test (if needed)
The consultation with give you the chance to ask your clinician any questions about the treatment and also discuss finance options if needed. Your clinician will also provide you with information about any potential side effects and what to expect during and after treatment. We can also show you the equipment and around our laser clinic to make you feel at ease and so that you know you will receive the best possible treatment with state of the art equipment.

Laser Treatment Aftercare

Once your treatment has come to an end, your contact with us doesn’t have to stop. We provide all our patients with ongoing after post-treatment and during the full recovery process. We can offer callbacks to discuss any concerns post-treatment or arrange a face-to-face aftercare consultation if needed.

Laser Treatments Recovery

The majority of our laser treatments offer minimal downtime, which means there’s very little to no recovery time. Each laser treatment will have a slightly different recovery procedure. However, during your consultation, we will go discuss with you what to expect after treatment.